Western Tack

Handmade 100% Mohair cinches.  We have a variety available in the shop, ranging in prices from $52 to $78, or can get them custom made.  Call for details & availability 406-684-5883.
 Shotgun Chaps & Chinks
(please call for availability - 406-684-5883)
1" Brass with a stirrup bolt concho (1 pair available) - $186.00

3" off-set brass  
4" Brass Stirrups 
(check on price)
Chinks base price $300, shotgun chaps base price $375.  Customized to your specifications.

To the left & below - Cream colored chink with flower carved overlays.  Burgundy twisted double fringe.  1 concho on each leg overlay.  $410   SOLD

                       Below right - custom order shotgun chaps. 

Rodeo Chaps
White chinks with floral carved overlays & contrasting trim
Base price chinks, plain overlays, just the basics.
White chinks with long, skinny fringe, conchos, flower carved overlays, contrasting trim.
Tan Armitas with brown overlays & rope ring
Light tan with darker double fringe, floral carved overlays.
White with black double fringe over the top.
Shotgun chaps made with chap tanned buffalo hide.  Stamped overlays with initials on leg.
Gold colored chinks with white double fringe & carved overlays.
Tan with grey double fringe, floral carved overlays and conchos.
Kids chinks with brown & red rolled fringe, brand on the overlays.
Shotgun chaps, dark grey with cream-colored double fringe, brand inlaid on bottom contrasing edge, floral carving on top overlay.
Very small chinks for grandson!
Light cream-colored with dark-brown long-skinny double-fringe, brand & floral carving on overlay.
Cream colored,double fringed with red & red band.  Flower carved overlays, 1 1/2" jewelers bronze conchos.
Yellow with brown double fringe on the top, floral carved & basket stamped overlays.
Youth chinks, basic; $90.
Brown with black double fringe, floral carving, basket stamp, and initials on overlays.
Brown with grey double fringe grizzly tucked.
Red chinks, floral carved & basket stamped overlays, bronze conchos.
White chinks with floral carved & basket stamped overlays, contrasting grey trim.
Step-in chinks, pocket on left thigh, basket stamped overlays.
Chinks for Sale
To the right, brown chinks with tan edge at fringe, floral carved & axe-head stamped overlays, 1 brass concho on each side.  $390.   Available at Front Porch Traditions in Sheridan.
Chinks & chaps gallery - click on any image for details & a larger view.
To contact us call either 
406-684-5883 or 406-660-0884
or email billssaddles@yahoo.com
Our reins are made with top-quality leather and hand-edged to enhance durability.  We have latigo reins, 3/4" by 8' for $26.  Harness leather reins 3/4" by 8' are $33, 5/8" by 8' are $38.  Roping reins are $26.
Left, tan chinks with purple edge and purple double fringe.  Floral carved and basket stamped overlays.  $444  SOLD

Below - an unusual custom order; hair-on cowhide chinks!  Black fringe, basket stamped overlays with a large cat print.
Canvas sleeping bag cover, 45" x 80" with 27" flap, heavy brass zipper, 2 6' straps to roll it up with. (Blanket not included)  You'll be amazed how much warmer & dryer a cover will keep you!  
$125 SOLD, 
but we can make more!
Ray Holes Leather Care Products, conditions & waterproofs:
3 oz tin of Dri Boot $9.99
3 oz tin of Saddle Butter $9.99
11 oz jar of Saddle Butter $14.99
11 oz jar of Vaquero Rawhide Cream $16.99

Anza Knives:
Handmade, nice & sharp & durable. Prices range $39 to $79.  Click on the images below for larger view and details.
We carry Cowboy Cordage Ranch ropes for working cowboys; 40' - 60' nylons & polys, 5/16" - 3/8".  Range from $53 to $84.