We carry Toklat, Mayatex, and El Paso Saddle Pads and Blankets.  If you're looking for a wool back or cool back pad, or a nice wool saddle blanket, we can help you out.  We have a few nice blankets with a good wool-back Toklat liner sewn on them available.

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Rope Bags
19" diameter, 6" gussett with zipper, adjustable shoulder strap.  Base price $350.  
Click on image for larger view & details.
Leather Braided Scarf Slides, assorted colors, 2 sizes. Call for availablilty.  $20 each
Custom-made bag with brand and floral carving.
back side of 1 of the bags
Detail of side zipper.
Close up of steer head with hair-on cow hide behind it, and barbed-wire border.
Hair-on cow hide in cut-out of steer head, and rope border
hair-on hide behind steer head cut out
back side of top bag for sale
Custom brand inside floral carving
Black & white hair-on cow hide behind the cut-out floral carving.
Hand Bags
Hair-on cow hide with leather overlays, lined inside, approximately 14"x14", 4" wide.  $160.  Click on photos below for larger images.
Name and floral carving on overlay
Added a shoulder strap to this bag, & a different scalloped edge to the overlay.
This one has black fringe on the sides and turquoise buttons on the conchos for a little extra flair.
A cute  "Christmas stocking" made like little chinks with buffalo hide!
Saddle Blanket Bags
Each saddle blanket bag has a leather bottom for better wear, and either a shoulder strap or a handle.  We can customize them with conchos or other personalization, and we have a wide variety of saddle blankets on hand.  Prices vary.  The bags shown here are available at Front Porch Traditions.
Off-white, grey, & blue bag, light & dark grey shoulder strap & fringe, antique concho.  $95

Black & tan bag with tan handles, black fringe, & a hair-on cow hide flower.  $97
Grey & burnt orange bag, black & grey shoulder strap & fringe, & a hair-on cow hide flower.  $85
Kind of an "Aztec" patterned bag, tan & white shoulder strap & double fringe.  15 x 15 1/2"
Light blue & multi colors, tan handle and fringe, 14 x 14"
Off-white & dark blue bag with dark & light grey shoulder strap & fringe. 14 x 14"
A white hair-on cow hide flower accents this beautiful grey, burnt orange, & turquoise bag.
a custom made bag, with belt buckle and leather feather
Multi-color striped bag with a buffalo hide overlay, dark brown shoulder strap & fringe.       $78
Saddle blanket bag gallery.