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Low Bull Moose tree, wood post horn 3x3", 3 1/2" cantle, Cheyenne roll, in-seat rigging.
Floral carving on the rough out stirrup fenders.
Floral carved swells, mule hide horn wrap.
Floral carved rear jockeys, border stamped skirts.  Decorative cuts on Cheyenne roll.
58 Wade, wood post horn. Loop seat, old time stirrup leathers. Flat plate rigging, straight-up cantel rawhide bound.

#0903; Modified Assoc. Tree, 12" swell, 15 1/2" seat, 4 1/2" cantle; Boy horn 2 1/2" high, 2 1/2" cap latigo wrapped; flat plate rigging, 3" leather-covered Visalia stirrups, partial flower carved.
#2810; Chuck Shepard Tree, 15 1/2" seat, 4 1/2" cantle, duck bill horn 3" high, flat plate 7/8 rigging, rawhide bound horn & cantle, 3" offset Monel stirrups, border stamp with floral carving, saddle scabbard rings.
#1104; 58 Wade Tree, 15 1/2" seat, Old Mexico horn 3" high, 3 1/2" cap, 4" cantle, flat plate 7/8 rigging, Half Breed (rough out seat and fenders), basket stamped swells, skirts, & rear jockeys, rawhide bound horn & cantle, 4' Monel stirrups.
#1806; Chuck Shepard Tree, 16" seat, #2 dally horn 3 1/2" high, 2 1/2" cap, 4" straight up cantle, flat plate 7/8 rigging, leather covered 3" Visalia stirrups, latigo wrapped horn.
#1906; 58 Wade Tree, 16" seat, post horn 3" high, 3" cap rawhide bound, 4 1/2" cantle straight up rawhide bound, flat plate 3/4 rigged, 4" brass bell stirrups, flower carved with basket stamp in corners, bucking rolls.
#2006; Modified Assoc. Tree, 15 1/2" seat, wood post horn 3" high, 2 1/2" cap rawhide bound, 4 1/2" cantle, Cheyenne roll rawhide bound, flat plate 7/8 rigging, 3" bell copper-covered stirrups, rough-out seat, flower carved stirrup leathers, rigging, & back jockeys, latigo wrapped horn.
#2107; Glenn's Wade Tree, 15 1/2" seat, horn 2 1/2" high, 3 1/4" cap rawhide bound, cantle 5" rawhide bound Cheyenne roll, 7/8 flat plate rigging, tin bound overshoe stirrups, rough-out seat with border stamp, border stamped skirts, fenders, rear jockeys, floral carving in corners, bucking rolls.
#2207; 58 Wade Tree, 16" seat, wood post horn 2 1/2" high, 3 1/4" cap mule hide wrapped, rawhide bound; 4 1/2" cantle Cheyenne roll, rough-out seat & fenders, gullet skirts & rear jockeys smooth, 7/8 flat plate rigging, saddle bags, 4" wood tin-bound bell stirrups.
#2308; Chuck Shepard Tree, 15 1/2" seat, duck bill horn 3" high, 2 1/2" cap latigo wrapped, 3 1/2" cantle Cheyenne roll, flat plate 7/8 rigging, 3" brass bell stirrups, rough out with flower carved rear jockeys.
#2408; Assoc. Tree, #4 dally horn 2 3/4" high, 2 1/2" cap, latigo wrapped; 4" cantle Cheyenne roll, flat plate 7/8 rigged, 3" bell copper covered stirrups, rough out seat & fenders border stamped, saddle bags.
#2609; 58 Wade Tree, 15 1/2" seat, wood post horn 2 3/4" high, 3 1/2" cap rawhide bound; cantle 4 1/2" high Cheyenne roll rawhide bound; 7/8 flat plate rigging, 4" brass stirrups, all rough out , flower carved rear jockeys, rawhide on gullet, bucking rolls, scabbard rings, saddle bags.
#2710; Severe bronc tree, 16 1/2" seat, 4 1/4" cantle, rough out seat; flower carved swells, rear jockeys, & back of cantle.
#3011- 58 Wade tree; 15 1/2" seat; Old Mexico horn; in-seat rigging; 5" brass stirrups; rawhide-bound horn, Cheyenne roll, & fork cover; flower carved & basket stamped
#3111 - Glenn's Wade tree; 15 1/2" seat; in-seat rigging; rough-out seat & fenders; Old Mexico horn, mule-hide wrapped; 4" stainless steel stirrups; Cheyenne roll; rear jockeys basket stamped & flower carved; fork cover basket stamped
#3412 - 58 Wade tree; 2 3/4" high x 3" wood post horn; 4 1/2" cantle; rough-out seat & fenders; in-seat rigging; stainless steel 4" stirrups; basket stamped fork cover; basket stamped & flower carved rear jockeys; rawhide wear leather on fork cover; 3" horn cap; bucking rolls.
#3312 Chuck Shepard tree; 15 1/2" seat; 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" wood post horn; 4" cantle; flat plate rigging; rough-out seat with border stamp; fenders, jockeys, & fork cover rose carved; saddle bags.
# 3813 58 Wade Old Mexico Horn	 Rawhide bound Flat Plate Rigging, Rough-out Seat & Fenders with Serpentine Boarder
Sun Flower Carved on Fork Cover and Rear Jockeys, Bucking Rolls
4" Stainless Steel Stirrups - Lined & Blocked
#4013, Chuck Shepard tree, 15" seat, 4" cantle rawhide bound Cheyenne roll, rough-out seat border stamped, in-seat rigging, rawhide bound horn & fork cover, border stamp w/ flower carving on fork cover, fenders, & rear jockeys.  4" stainless steel stirrups w/ engraved copper.
#3212, modified association tree, 16" seat, wood post horn, 4 1/2" cantle rawhide covered, flat plate rigging.  Rough out seat & skirts, crazy leg stamp on rear jockeys, fork cover, & stirrup fenders.  Oregon cross over rope strap.
#4314  Chuck Shepard tree, 14 1/2" seat, 4 1/2" cantle rawhide bound, 3x3 wood post horn, flat plate rigging, loop seat, 5" stainless steel stirrups.
#3913 Tutes Mansfield 15" Seat,
#4 Horn 3 1/2 High, 2 1/4 Cap;
Flat Plate Rigging, Crazy Leg Stamp on Fork Cover & Rear Jockeys, Rough-out Seat & Fenders, 5" Overshoe Stirrups Stainless Steel - Lined & Blocked
#4915, Assoc. tree, 17" seat, #4 horn, in-seat rigging, V-weave border stamp, 4" stainless steel stirrups.
58 Wade tree, rawhide bound Cheyenne roll, in-seat rigging.  Rough-out seat; skirts, fork cover,  fenders, & rear jockey basket stamped.  Mountain Man Rich Lewis wanted cat tracks up one side & down the other!  Bucking rolls, scabbard rings on all the buttons
#3512, Glenns Wade, 15 1/2" seat, Old Mexico,  in-seat rigging, serpentine border with basket stamping, bucking rolls, 4" stainless stirrups lined & blocked.
Saddle #4514.  58 Wade tree, 15 1/2" seat, all rough out.  Flat plate rigging, wood post horn 3 1/4" high x 5".  Cheyenne roll.
Saddle # 5216; 58 Wade tree, in-set rigging, rough-out seat, fenders, and skirts.  Flower carving on the rear jockeys, basket stamped fork cover.
saddle #5516, Chuck Shepard tree, wood post horn, in-seat rigging, 15 1/2" seat, 3/4 floral carved.
saddle # 5615, Will James tree, 15 1/2 " tree, 4" cantle, in-seat rigging
#6018, Ladie's Wade tree, 15 1/2" seat, wood post horn.  Cheyenne roll, rough-out seat & stirrup fenders, 7/8 flat plate rigging.  Border stamp & sunflower carving.
Saddle #5918, Montana Trapper 13" swell, 15 1/2" seat.  Wood post horn, rough out seat & fenders.  5" stainless steel stirrups.  Floral carving & quilted stamp on fenders, fork cover, & rear jockeys.
Saddle #6219, Lady Wade tree, wood post horn, Cheyenne roll rawhide bound, rough out seat with in-seat rigging.  Floral carving on fenders with initials.
Saddle #6119.  Rough out seat and stirrup fenders.  58 Wade tree, 16" seat, wood post horn, Cheyenne roll, 7/8" flat plate rigging.  Flower carving on fork cover and rear jockeys.
saddle #6420; MT Packer tree, in-seat rigging, rough-out seat, Indian Paintbrush floral carving.
saddle #6119; 58 Wade tree, rough-out seat and stirrup fenders.  Wood post horn, Cheyenne roll, 7/8 flat plate rigging.
58 Wade 16" seat
Rawhide bound horn & Cheyenne roll
Rough-out seat & fenders
Serpentine border stamp
Flat plate rigging 7/8 position
4" stainless steel stirrups

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Miniature saddle - made exactly like a regular saddle, just half-size!  It has a hand-made Timberline tree, leather ground seat, the works!  For sale at Front Porch Traditions if you're interested.  $3,000.
Sitting beside a full-size saddle with a pop can to give a sense of the size.
Side view; rough-out seat, floral carving on bottom of stirrup leathers & fork cover.
Top view of floral carving & silver conchos on rear fenders.
All decked out with a saddle blanket and rope, on display at the Black Hills Stock Show.  It is now on display in our family room!  But it would be for sale for the right price.
Saddle #7021 - click on images for larger view and details.
TM Roper tree, flat plate rigging.
Detail of carving on back of cantle.
Stirrup leathers outside & floral carved.
#6921  Hamley Association tree, Cheyenne roll,
            in-seat rigging.  Rough out seat &
            stirrup fenders.  Cactus flower &
            sunflowers carved on swell & rear