Rawhide Bound Horn
Cheyenne Roll, Leather or Rawhide Bound
Wear Leather or Rawhide on Fork Cover
4 Button Loop Seat
Leather Covered Stirrups
Monel, Brass, Copper or Stainless 
Steel covered stirrups
Silver or Brass Trim
Bucking Rolls
Full Basket Stamp
Partial Basket Stamp
Full Flower Carve
Partial Flower Carve
prices subject to change

ask for quote
ask for quote
$200.00 & up
$1,200 & up
$200.00 & up
Please call and we can figure out what you want in a saddle.
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Bill grew up living and working on cattle ranches, and spent most of his life around livestock and good hands in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. He & Linda raised their two boys on ranches and spent 10 years on a 2300 head, 60,000 acre grazing allotment. He's done leather work from a young age, building headstalls, chaps, chinks, and carving leather pictures and book covers.  He's done repair work on whatever gear was getting worn out by hard use, ill advised adventures on colts, or roping some of those critters that maybe were best left unroped!  
Bill had the opportunity to learn to build saddles with Glenn Earnest, a master craftsman with years of experience.  He then established Line Camp Saddle Shop in 2002.
A bit of biography on Bill:
Decker Pack Saddles
Made with heavy harness leather & top quality hardware, to withstand those onery packing animals!  $875.00
Base Price:  $4200.00
Includes choice of tree, up to 16 1/2" seat, plain or rough out leather, straight up cantle binding, standard saddle strings, 3" wide stirrup leathers with Blevins Buckles twisted & wrapped, stainless steel or brass stirrups up to 4" wide leather-lined, rope strap, latigos, cinches, back billets and 3" back cinch.

Custom Saddles